Duyrener Stadtaufgebot
Duyrener Stadtaufgebot

Annamarkt 2019

The emperor is coming!

So it was said in the year 1531 in Duchy of Jülich-Kleve-Berg, because Emperor Karl V visited the city of Düren ...

… and you can be part of it.

At the historic Annamarkt to Düren we provide this, as well
further city history of the 16th century.

From 30.08.-01.09.2019 the following is offered:
- Historical camp in the city park
- Historic market in the city center

-> Historical Landsknecht recruitment
-> Formation Drill of the Landsknechts
-> presentation of the city defense as a battle
-> historical dual tournament

Informations and application:
Oliver Hünewinckell
+49 (0)177/3406254

We are surching for reenacters of 15th und 16t century.

Apply! We need you!

Additional Information coming soon!

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